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About Us

We know that communities hold a lot of knowledge, experience and ideas for what will help them thrive.

At Braiding Pathways, we strive to be the catalyst for programming and opportunities that communities have a vision for, but may not always have the time or capacity to make happen.

Then, once things are up and running, the community holds all the resources, content and assets that we created in partnership with them, so they can take the programming on or continue it themselves longer-term. And we are always here for further support or new visions!

How it Works:

1. Braiding Pathways and the Partner (community, etc.) connect on a virtual meeting to discuss the Partner’s interests, goals, outcomes, vision and evaluation plan for programming.

2. Braiding Pathways designs programming or facilitates opportunities that work towards the community-driven outcomes, with input and feedback from the Partner.

3. Braiding Pathways facilitates the programming for youth and/or adults - virtually or in accordance with current local COVID safety guidelines. The Partner and Braiding Pathways meet periodically to exchange feedback and input. Braiding Pathways adapts ongoing programming.

4. Programming wraps up and Braiding Pathways facilitates program evaluation with participants in order to collect feedback and measure success. All data and results are shared with and owned by the Partner. Braiding Pathways may use some anonymized data to improve programming or communicate the impact of our work to others.

5. All content created by Braiding Pathways: session plans, resources, pre-recorded videos, games, surveys, etc. are transferred to the Partner.

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