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Are you a facilitator in a topic that would make a great program?

Send us your info to be added to our Facilitator Database

At Braiding Pathways, our main goal is to support with whatever it takes to make a community's vision happen. Realistically, the three of us aren't equipped with all the skills and expertise needed for every single vision. That's where external facilitators come in.

If you are an experienced facilitator or expert in your field, please send us your information so we can add you to our facilitator database. Braiding Pathways manages the community parnterships, program evaluation and administrative side of things, while you are hired and paid to do what you do best!

We would love to hear from you if you are knowledgeable in:

  • Indigenous & decolonized cuisine

  • Traditional gardening/farming & seedkeeping

  • Storytelling & Traditional Knowledge

  • Indigenous crafts & art

  • Fishing, hunting & foraging

  • Music production & videography

The areas communities may be interested in are not limited to the above, and these are just examples.

We look forward to connecting, and growing our programming with your help!

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